Welcome to eCONNECT, your electronic portal for submitting requests and information to NHLBI.

Currently, eCONNECT supports submission of the following:

  • Milestone Accrual Plans (MAPs)
  • Actual accrual data
  • Milestones and performance metrics

The principal investigator (PI) kicks off the request, and the signing offical (SO) then submits it officially to NHLBI.

Access eCONNECT, using your eRA Commons login credentials, using the Log In button below.

eCONNECT is only available for National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) grants.

eCONNECT works best using Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer (Version 11 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox. To request support or provide feedback, please contact the eCONNECT System Administrator.