Welcome to eCONNECT

eCONNECT is your electronic portal for submitting clinical study-related performance and accrual milestones, progress on milestones, and other study-related information to NHLBI.

You can submit the following information to NHLBI with eCONNECT:
  • Performance Milestones as required by your study's Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
  • Target Accrual Plans (referred to as Milestone Accrual Plans (MAPs))
  • Actual accrual data
  • Documents supporting Performance Milestone progress

Please note:

  • eCONNECT is only available for National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) grants.
  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari is not recommended.

Training and User guide:

  • Contact the NHLBI staff to schedule and complete eConnect Training before submitting any information to portal.
  • Once you've completed training, you can refresh your knowledge using the eCONNECT User Guide.
  • To request support or provide feedback, please contact the eCONNECT System Administrator.

Login Notes:

  • Clicking the Log In button will take you to the NIH login screen.
    • Enter your eRA Commons login credentials to log in to eCONNECT.
    • You may ignore the multi-factor authentication (MFA) instructions. MFA requirements only apply to NIH employees.
  • If you cannot log in or if you receive an error message, please go to eRA Commons to Reset Your Password/Unlock Account.
    Or go to the eRA Commons Password Policy for more information.